New Caledonia is the most popular destination for tourism!

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New Caledonia, is a tiny point in the South Pacific vastnes. For a memorable stay on the other side of the globe, this archipelago is attracting more tourists. You can enjoy postcard-worthy landscapes and a mix of mixed culture, desert, and rich cultural heritage. Make an unforgettable visit to New Caledonia .

New Caledonia: Travel

New Caledonia lies in the middle of The South Pacific Ocean . You will find a variety of landscapes in Grande Terre: a beautiful nature, mountains, sandy beaches and vast plains. The Grande Terre is also home to the most extensive lagoon in the world, which has incredible fauna and flora. It’s a French antipodes territory It is home to a rich culture, which has many benefits.

There are descendants of colonists and Caledonian Kanaks as well as those who just came from the metropolis.  It is recommended to remain in Caldoches, the Caldoches farm after the Melanesian tribes in the bush. The Isle of Pines and the Loyalty Islands are also options. They are a great source of beauty . Moreover, the new caledonian are very peaceful and soothing. Their motto is “don’t hurt your head”. You can be the king in the universe if you have a snorkel and some hiking boots. It will teach you how to be peaceful and tranquil, while enjoying every minute of your day. You should do this for many reasons. Take a vacation to New Caledonia :

  • To discover another culture;
  • to push your limits;
  • Discover a tropical version the French culture
  • Feel like you are at the top of the world.
  • Go on an adventure through the jungles and along arid tracks.

You will be able to experience the Kanak culture, especially if you are staying to the locals. This archipelago is unique. Its diversity and geographical position is ideal for water sports such as paragliding and snorkeling. You will have the opportunity to challenge yourself while taking in breathtaking views. Caledonian culture It has retained American, Australian and Melanesian influences. It also has The French heritage . You can find a tropical variation of the way you used to live in Paris. New Caledonia also offers a unique opportunity to experience the best of both worlds. The feeling that you are at the other end of the universe.


View of the beach from New Caledonia

Amazing view from New Caledionia beach



When is New Caledonia best to visit ?

New Caledonia can be reached at all times If you are taking a cruise, either by plane or boat. Avoid the cyclone season, which runs from the beginning of June to the end of November. You should also know there are Two seasons in New Caledonia There are two seasons: winter and summer, with temperatures between 12-40 degrees. The climate in summer is sunny, while winter can be very pleasant. The archipelago is therefore very accessible.

You can visit at any moment. It is best to stay away from the cyclonic season. The heat season begins in December and ends March. Temperatures can reach 30 degrees Celsius during this time. This season may bring with it some challenges. Thunderstorms, rains and wind These can lead to cyclones. There is a transition season between April and May. Caledonian Autumn . This period sees a decrease in rainfall and a drop in temperatures. With temperatures between 15-25 degrees, the cool season ends in August. It is often marked by severe rainfall and high temperatures. The transitional season is last. Called the Caledonian Spring It runs September through November. It is considered mild during this time, and temperatures can be as high as 86 degrees.

In order to visit New Caledonia, you could choose among different types of tourism.