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Cape Verde can be found off Africa’s west coast, at the center of the Atlantic Ocean. It is made up of Ten stunning islands . Many people dream of exploring the beautiful waters of the Caribbean and the volcanic wonders of Cape Verde. Get all of our tips and advice. tourism in Cape Verde!

Cape Verde: Why and when?

If Cape Verde is the place to go It takes just five hours to fly from Paris. Cape Verde, located on the African coast, is opposite Brazil and Guyana. It is absolutely breathtaking, with its beautiful beaches and lunar landscapes, as well as its warm and welcoming welcome. . These are the most popular archipelago islands The most important are:

  • San Vicente
  • Santo Antao,
  • Sal and Boavista

It is well-known for its Mindelo Carnival which is held every February in the archipelago and inspired by Rio Carnival. Cape Verde’s islands You can enjoy azure water and a shining sun all year under this amazing charm. You will find plenty of sandy white beaches. Cape Verde is located off the coast You can enjoy a number of swims under palm trees, and have unforgettable moments. Cape White, an archipelago that is volcanic in origin, has a fragrance reminiscent of Africa.

This country is at crossroads It is often swept by warm winds from the Sahara, which can sweep it away to other ethnicities and cultures. Portuguese influences are also evident in the archipelago. Its rhythm is given by music, art and language. It is the Cape Verde’s best time of year It is usually between November and June. This time of the year temperatures reach mid- to high 20s and it is dry. Its white sandy beaches will allow you to relax. You can visit the islands all year, including winter. It is recommended to visit Cape Verde in late autumn To enjoy the best climate, you can either go to early winter or late summer. This period is characterized by little rain, and around 20°C temperatures.

Rainy season Cape Verde’s islands It is usually between July and September. It is also the most hot month, with a lot more heavy rain. These rains tend to be short-lived and intense and can cause flooding. The landscape is beautiful and green After a prolonged period of sunlight.


Cape Verde beach

Cape Verde beach



Are there any must-do for your Cape Verde trip?

You should begin with Santiago Island. The largest Cape Verde hotel . You can find the most beautiful landscapes and the original face of the area here. Praia, The capital of Cape Verdean The popular culture and market of Fogo are also must-see places. Pico de Fogo, the only ink volcano in the country is worth a visit. It offers spectacular views and a 1200m elevation difference. Sao Filipe, the Capital of the volcanic country. You can also visit this city to see its old colonial buildings and churches. Brava Island can be found here The smallest Cape Verde island It is also known for its hiking. It is also possible to visit Boa Vista and Sal Santa Maria islands, as well as the salt flats at Pedra de Lume. You may also take a boat ride or go on a tour. Visit all islands.

If you want to go to Cape Verde to relax and fully enjoy, do not hesitate to go for a custom trip !