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Are you thinking of installing an aluminium floor, or have you heard of it and are interested in the subject? In any case, here is a list (which is not necessarily exhaustive) of the many advantages of this type of flooring, which should, depending on the case, make you want to find out more about this type of flooring or confirm your choice…

What is an aluminium floor ?

Aluminium flooring is obviously a floor covering made of aluminium. This can be in the form of clip-on tiles or sheets to be mounted on a support. For a long time reserved for professionals, aluminium flooring is now also being used by private individuals, due to its many advantages or simply for its design.

The advantages of aluminium flooring

If aluminium flooring is becoming more popular, it is because it has many advantages. Here are a few of them, which should convince you to invest in this type of flooring for your home or business.

1/ Aluminium flooring is light

The big advantage of aluminium flooring over other types of flooring is its lightness. Because of its material, which is obviously aluminium, it weighs much less than a solid wood floor, for example. This is practical for installation… and essential in certain circumstances, for example when used on upper floors.

2/ Aluminium flooring is solid

When you start a new project, you don’t want to have to do it all over again the following year… This is good news, because aluminium flooring is extremely durable. No matter what you put it through on a daily basis (floor coverings are rarely spared in everyday life…), it will stand up to the test and retain its qualities over time, thanks to its undeniable robustness.

3/ Aluminium flooring is environmentally friendly

Nowadays, beyond the fact of choosing inexpensive materials that will last over time, we also always ask ourselves the question of the ecological side of the solutions we choose for our home or business premises.

Aluminium is THE ecological material par excellence. It is 100% recyclable and has little impact on the environment… And its solidity, as mentioned above, means that you rarely need to renovate an aluminium floor anyway: once installed, it is designed to last!

4/ Aluminium flooring is insect resistant

Some materials, particularly wood, are not recommended in certain geographical areas that are very prone to invasion by certain species of insects. Fortunately for you, if you work or live in this type of area, aluminium does not present this problem: insects do not scare it, these small beasts never attack this type of material!

5/ Aluminium flooring has good adhesion

One of the qualities you look for in a floor covering is, of course, its grip: nothing is more unpleasant than slipping when you are moving around. In certain special cases, such as around swimming pools or when children are often wearing socks or bare feet, grip is even more important!

Aluminium flooring has an excellent grip, which you will greatly appreciate when using it on a daily basis.

6/ Aluminium flooring requires little maintenance

Compared to other types of flooring, aluminium flooring has an obvious advantage in that it requires little maintenance. With a wooden floor, for example, you need to sand or wax your floor regularly. An aluminium floor, on the other hand, only needs a mop and a little soap to keep it clean and shiny over time. This is much less time-consuming than the maintenance of some other surfaces…

7/ Aluminium flooring is design

In addition to its many practical qualities, aluminium flooring is sometimes installed simply for its design. Modern, uncluttered, industrial, it will enhance your room and your furniture, or any surface where you choose to use it, like no other floor covering. Its design aspect makes it the perfect choice for the renovation of many lofts, for example.

8/ Aluminium flooring is fire and weather resistant

One of the greatest dangers to a home is of course a fire. For indoor use, you will be reassured to know that aluminium flooring is one of the most fire-resistant materials. And if you intend to have it installed outside, you should know that it is not afraid of bad weather, such as cold, hail or wind: it will withstand all the tests it will have to endure!

aluminium floor

Aluminium floor

9/ Aluminium flooring is waterproof

In the vicinity of a swimming pool, or in the event of an incident with a glass of water or even a larger leak, a waterproof floor covering is always preferable. Aluminium flooring also has this quality. It is highly waterproof and can withstand water, so you don’t have to worry about this problem on a daily basis.

10/ A luminium flooring lasts a long time

Don’t want to change your floor covering every year? That’s good, because aluminium flooring is one of the longest-lasting types of flooring! In addition to being definitely economical in the long term, it will save you time on work. And, as mentioned above, it is also much more environmentally friendly than a material that would become old more quickly and have to be renewed more often!

11/ Aluminium flooring complies with current standards

Nowadays, in places open to the public, and even for a private home, numerous safety standards must be respected to comply with the law. Aluminium flooring complies with these standards, so you will not be at risk from a legal point of view following its installation. This is very reassuring in this day and age, where the slightest deviation from a standard can quickly become very costly!

12/ Aluminium flooring is a thermal conductor

When used outdoors, for example around a swimming pool, you might think that aluminium flooring would become too hot on hot days: not at all! Aluminium flooring is an excellent thermal conductor and does not retain heat, so it stays cool in all circumstances (which goes hand in hand with its fire resistance mentioned above). A great advantage in some regions with particularly hot summers!

In conclusion, aluminium flooring has many advantages that should convince you to opt for it when changing your floor covering. Don’t hesitate to ask around, you will certainly not regret your choice in your daily life if you opt for this type of flooring!