What are the particularities of climbing flowers?

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Are you looking to embellish a façade or pergola? Why not choose to decorate it? Climbing Plants ? These plants can rise vertically to support various supports including walls and houses. They also make beautiful ornamental displays for an exterior that is sublimated. Flower climbing There are many varieties available and you have the option of many planting techniques. So what about their specific characteristics and maintenance requirements? This is what this article will help you to discover!

All you need to know regarding climbing flowers

As their names suggest, Climbing Flowers These are botanical species that have a gritty appearance. They grow vertically so they can wrap themselves around any surface high enough, such as walls, porticos and trees. They are very popular. Climbing flowers They are used primarily as ornamental plants for the outside of gardens or homes. There are many species to choose from, including :

  • The sarmenteuses are supported by a Trellis;
  • The suction cup climbers are designed for support of smooth surfaces;
  • Plants with thorny stems, like bougainvillea or climbing roses.


Climbing fuchsia flowers

Very nice climbing fuchsia flowers


How do you plant climbing flowers?

To Plant climbing flowers First, dig a hole in the ground to reserve a spot where they will be planted. Next, you will need to add either potting soil or gravel for climbing plants. Finally tie your first stems to the support.


Care for climbing flowers

As with other flowers types, Climbing flowers They will need some maintenance. This includes regular cleaning, trimming damaged or faded flowers, and encouraging new blooms. To prevent the leaves from getting too long, it is advisable that you trim them when they reach a certain height.


Which climbing plants should I grow at home?

You may be interested in Planting climbing flowers These are just a few ideas that might inspire you.



The honeysuckle belongs to the Caprifoliaceae Family. Very sturdy tree It can reach up to five to six meters in height and has voluble leaves. It can be used to decorate any surface, including old trees or fences.


Tuberous Chaste

These are the best Climbing plant Its spindly stems, which crawl along the ground, and the foliage reminding us of the pea make it easy to recognize. The pink flowers of this flower are very similar to those found in the sweet pea.



Pinkish-white color is what distinguishes the pandora Flowers in trumpet shapes It measures 5-6 cm in diameter. The voluble vines are 5-6 cm in height. They cling to vertical supports without any need to use spikes or grids. This makes it ideal for wall, fence, or trellis constructions.



These are the best Tropical climber It is known for its rapid and plentiful flowering, and flexible and sturdy stems that can wrap around support structures up to 6 meters high.

Just as flowering shrubs, climbing flowers will take place and so give the impression of a flower wall.