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The pansy, a small flower that resembles the Viola and is one of the most popular flowers in the world, is a very similar to the Viola. This variety is especially popular as it can be grown in many bright or pastel colors. It’s great for pots and planters. Pansy plants are easy to grow all year. Both novice and experienced gardeners can start.

How do you plant pansies

They can be placed in planters according to your desired colors. We recommend that you avoid too flowery plants as they will last less in your garden. Preparing the soil is important before you start planting. You should weed the ground, amend the soil with compost and prepare the soil for the pansy. This flower prefers well-drained, rich soil. You should leave a minimum of 15cm between each flower. Next, push the plants inwards until they reach the stem. Finally, fill the pot with potting soil. Select a Spot Half-shade, or full sun and water generously in the initial days following planting.


different pansies flowers in pots

Multiple pansies !



Pots for planting pansies

You can also plant pansies inside a pot or planter if your outside space is small. It is recommended to have a supply of this material. A layer of drainage In the bottom of the pots. We recommend that you choose a location for pansies to be planted on your balcony or terrace. Flowers with bright and light colors . These will lighten dark areas as well as brighten the exterior.


What are the best ways to care for and prune pansies?

Keep your fingers crossed, the pansy doesn’t need to be trimmed. You only need to remove any soon-to be-wilted, wilted blooms. We recommend you to maintain your flowers. Install a sheet of linen Or forested Mulch Around the pansies. Particularly if they are to bloom in winter.


What is the best way to water your pansies?

Pansies do not require water during the growing season. It would be ideal to plant pansies in a container. Small waterings are given at the feet of the flowers During the hot seasons. After planting, fertilizers are not necessary. Also, we advise against using fertilizers after planting. nitrogenous fertilizers These substances have the ability to inhibit flowering and promote leaf development.


Which diseases could affect the pansies

Pansies, like other plants and flowers are susceptible to parasites as well as some serious diseases. Particularly pansies Sensible To slugs Aphids . Ferramol can be used to fight slugs. We recommend spraying your flowers with this if slugs and aphids continue to attack.

  • Black soap
  • Nettle manure.

Alternate sprays to increase efficiency. It will reduce the chances of getting attacked and it will also help you to avoid them. Your flowers’ natural defenses will be strengthened. 

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