How to successfully grow winter flowers

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Contrary to your beliefs, there is no reason to give up on your garden activities during winter. Some plants that are hardy can withstand low temperatures, so they will thrive in the gray weather. They also display stunning floral frescos, which make for beautiful and colorful gardens. What are some examples of hardy plants? Winter flowers can be grown. These cold-hardy species of botanical plants are briefly described below.

Was winter flowers really meant?

As their names suggest, Winter flowers are plants that bloom even in winter, and they can tolerate temperatures as low as 10 degrees Celsius, which is lower than other plant species. These plants can thrive in cold temperatures and are able to withstand frost, which is when other plants tend to become fragile. Sowing winter flowers It is often done in isolation, or both:

  • In the ground
  • Thanks to specially made pots for this purpose.

Garden enthusiasts love winter flowers. You have the opportunity to make your garden more vibrant and subliminating with colorful flowers, particularly in winter.


Mimosa, a winter flower

Mimosa, a winter flower



How do you plant winter flowers?

Winter flowers are best planted in well-drained soil and protected with thick mulch. This will promote the growth of their bulbs in an efficient, durable way.


Winter flowers: How do you care?

It is a good rule of thumb to follow: Winter flowers require little care as they are very resistant to cold. However, you should water them regularly and remove any wilted blooms outside of the frost time. To maintain a healthy appearance, it is important to trim any damaged leaves.


Which are your favorite winter flowers?

Winter is for everyone, hobbyist or professional. Flowers have an irresistible charm!


The Snowdrops

Galanthus or snowdrops are great for flower arrangements. These pretty flowers are known for their delicate, blade-like leaves and their drooping heads.


Witch Hazel

These are the best atypical Winter Flowering,  the shrub flowers are born on the branches of the tree and produce a beautiful display in autumn. Witch Hazel can be found in many varieties so make sure you get the right winter-blooming one before you plant it.


Exotic Mahonia

This bright yellow flower, which grows above the dark green rosettes makes a beautiful floral arrangement and can last weeks from late autumn to early winter.



Browallia speciosa blooms profusely all winter and is low-maintenance. Tricolored tropical perennial is a common houseplant that can be grown in blue, white and purple colors.

If you are looking for flowers that you can admire all year, you should have a look at annual flowers !