Our list of annual flower to keep at home: Here’s a selection.

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Flowers make a home’s exterior and interior more vibrant. Flowers can be a wonderful way to express your feelings. Bring a summery, refreshing feeling to your home To any interior, beautiful flowers are also very effective to bring happiness to winter. These beautiful scents can bring joy to any space and will refresh it. Are you looking for annual flowers that require less maintenance or more? We will tell you all about it in this article. Annual flowers .

How do you define annual flowers?

A flower that blooms every year lives for less time than other flowers. They have an average life span of one year. These flowers are also easy to maintain and bloom rapidly in spring. These flowers can be cared for by beginners and anyone with limited time. Some flowers can also be used to make soap.Flowers that are hardy It can tolerate frost or winter cold, and can be kept outside on a patio or balcony.


annual flower

Choosing an annual flower


How do you define annual flowers?

Here’s a list of annual flowers that are best for you, no matter where you live, dry or moist. Selection of flowers for the year You can also plant your own garden:

  • The Night Beauty: This flower blooms in mild climates and has seeds that can be resown quickly.
  • Ammi is a North African flower that can be found in the Mediterranean basin.
  • Dahlia is a flower that requires simple, easy care. You can grow it in pots or directly in the ground.
  • The annual Nasturtium is found in North America. It has round leaves and colored flowers such as red, yellow and orange. );
  • Hollyhock is a perennial flower that can be grown vertically and used to illuminate a garden in its sparkling colors.
  • Sweet Pea is a climbing plant that bears pinkish-colored flowers. It has a refreshing sweet scent.
  • Sunflowers: These flowers can be sown in the spring as annual varieties.
  • Marigold is a variety of flowers that are easy to maintain.
  • The red flower, poppy is a long-stemmed variety of the Mediterranean Basin’s popular Poppy.
  • Cosmos are flowers that can be grown in almost any soil and which are great for creating an atmosphere in your garden.


What flowers are in season?

This type of flower is best grown outside. Blooms are available all year They don’t require any maintenance. These flowers can be used as a natural green space in any season. This is a list of all-year flowering plants:

  • Anthurium;
  • The Geranium
  • Sedums;
  • Hostas ;
  • The Catnip
  • the Verbena ;
  • Lamprocapnos spectabilis ;
  • Ornamental onion

These annuals can be sown It’s easy, and it’s very simple! Annuals can also be grown directly from seedlings that have been planted. You can get a lot of flowers for the price of one seed.

Also, long-blooming perennial flowers are flowers that you can keep all year long, as well as annual flowers.