A fireplace in your home is a great idea.

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A Fireplace adds a desirable aesthetic touch to houses and creates a cozy atmosphere. It is appreciated not only for its functionality, but also for how it ability to heat your interior. It has many benefits, both aesthetic and practical. It is important to consider the potential disadvantages of each type of fireplace.

The advantages and disadvantages for a closed fireplace

For a complete understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of a closed fireplace, it is vital to compare the the many models available, including the closed ones.

Here are the advantages of having a closed fireplace:

  • It emits heat ten times more and it is evenly distributed.
  • The fire lasted longer
  • The wood consumption is only four times as high.
  • The fireplace’s glass protects the house’s occupants from dust, smoke and brandons.

and the drawbacks:

  • A closed fireplace is generally more expensive.
  • The installation can be more complicated. It is required to install a flue liner or break open fireplaces.
  • You need to maintain it, particularly for glass.
  • This isn’t the best choice for smaller areas.



Nice fireplace

Nice fireplace to add cachet to your house



What are the strengths and limitations of an open fireplace

Open fireplaces have many advantages.

  • Fireplaces are more natural and aesthetic.
  • You can adapt it to any interior design, no matter how modern or rustic.
  • You can either install it in a wall, or put it in the middle of a room.
  • This is cheaper than a closedfireplace…

Open fireplaces are primarily used as interior design elements and have limited heat power. There are many disadvantages to open fireplaces.

  • Safety of those living in the house is poor due to smoke and the risk of brandons, slag or projections.
  • A chimney can be more decorative than an auxiliary heating element, with a large part of heat lost through its evacuation.
  • Additionally, it consumes more Logs that a closed fireplace.


What are the pluses and minuses to an insert?

Its Advantages

  • The insert can be used on small surfaces.
  • This is an additional heating system.
  • You can trust it to work safely
  • The cast iron block is placed on top of the unit and acts as a combustion chamber.

These are the disadvantages

  • Like the closed fireplace, the insert has a less attractive appearance than an open fireplace
  • It will be impossible for the house’s occupants to smell the smoke from the fire.
  • It is important to maintain the glass as well as the firebox, and clean it of any soot and residue


Features of an Ethanol Fireplace

These are the benefits

  • This fireplace runs on biofuel, making it the best eco-friendly solution.
  • This is ideal for any type of housing.
  • You can easily install it without any effort.

These are the disadvantages

  • Heating power of the chimney is lower than other types.
  • Fireplaces are more decorative than they are an auxiliary heating system.
  • Ethanol costs more than oils.
  • You should take precautions when handling or monitoring this fireplace.
  • Due to the high flammability of alcohol, it is important that the site remains stable.


You can also choose based on the efficiency of your fireplace

Energy efficiency refers to the difference between energy used and energy produced. An example: 30 kW would generate 18 kW if it had a 60% efficiency. Your fireplace must be at least 70% efficient to qualify for the tax credit.

  • Open fireplaces are more efficient

You can expect to pay 10-20%, particularly if the appliance is old.

  • A closed fireplace is more efficient

If it’s a new model, it will cost 70-85%. It can be as low as 30% to 50% for an older device.

  • Fireplace inserts are efficient

Insert fireplaces offer the same efficiency and effectiveness as closed fireplaces.

  • An ethanol fireplace is efficient

The efficiency of this type of fireplace is 100%.

Now that you know everything about fireplace, why not starting to refurbish your kitchen, to make the most of your house’s potential !