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Lac du Bourget, is the largest French natural lake. The massifs of Epine and Chambotte surround it. It is18km long and includes the Mont du Chat and Bauges. In summer, the water can rise to 26 degrees Celsius. Learn why this lake is so popular in this article !

Where to go around Lac du Bourget

First of all, the Lac du Bourget is so romantic! For couples coming here to be lovers. You can row, sail, fish, canoe, raft, dive, or go canoeing all year. The lake is perfect for swimming, it has 14 harbours and 2600 dockings. Aix-les-Bains is known for its Roman remains and ancient palaces to the east. The Abbey of Hautecombe is also located on the opposite side of the lake. It has a majestic, gothic design. To the north side of the lake, you will find the Canal of Saviere On the other side, the castle of Thomas II can be found.

Moreover, Chambery is located 10 kilometers away from the lake. It was the capital of the Duchy of Savoy in the past and combines both the present with the past. Moreover, The site boasts spectacular panoramas Such as:

  • Chambotte’s belvedere
  • The belvedere at Grumeau, Ontex
  • Grande Molliere,
  • The Revard Mountain
  • the Dent du Chat.

Hiking around Lake Bourget to discover the historical center of Chambery, as well as the charm of Aix-les-Bains’ belle epoque. The Massif des Bauges regional park is located just 25 minutes away from the lake.It is also possible to visit the Chautagne or “dent du Chat”, south of Lake Geneva.


View of the Lac du Bourget

Beautiful view of the Lac du Bourget



The Lac du Bourget is worth a visit.

You have many reasons to visit the Lac du Bourget.

Unesco has designated this site as a World Heritage Site.

Beautiful landscapes can be found at the Lac du Bourget. Besides, Unesco has designated many of the geological sites that lie along the lake as world heritage. This region has a lot of historical significance. To discover prehistoric sites, you can begin with Aix-les-Bains. You will also find many 11th  century buildings in the area.

The best thermal water in France

The lac du Bourget was the Pilgrimage site of many visitors. It has an ideal microclimate for all seasons, with mild temperatures throughout the year. The lake is well-known for its high quality water. Therefore, many establishments offer swimming pools and thermal cures. You can also enjoy hydrotherapy, mud baths and hydraulic massages while you’re here.


The perfect destination for all the family

This region has a lot to offer. well-developed Environment-friendly tourist infrastructure . Depending on your preference, you can either choose to stay in a hotel, a camp or find a tourist rental. The variety of activities available will delight your whole family if you are staying with them. With children, you can also do science and history activities.

Visit the Lac du Bourget Aquarium You can observe fish and even touch them in their special tanks. Lac de Bourget is the ideal place for those who love nature or to enjoy a relaxing vacation in the Alps. It is also home to a number of landscaped areas, including a beach and sandy strips. Finally, Lac de Bourget It is also home to sports tourism, where you can do things like hiking, cycling, paddling, kayaking, sailing and canyoning