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The pergola is bright and practical. Thanks to it, you can have an outdoor living space. The pergola offers shade, protection and light so you can make the most of your outdoor living space. Enjoy your meals outside and relax, withoiut being affected by heat and rain. You can choose from a variety of materials and colors, custom-made pergola covers can be adapted to suit your needs and tastes.

A pergola cover is a great idea.

A pergola is a great way to maximize your garden or terrace. A pergola is a boundary that creates an enclosed space outside, usually near the home.For this reason, a pergola need to be practical and good looking. A pergola cover can be custom made to your specifications. This protects your terrace from harsh weather conditions, such as the scorching summer sun and prying eyes. You can also treat it against water and fire. You can let air and light through it, and the design is both discreet and beautiful. It offers shade from the sun, allowing you to enjoy sociable meals and barbecue nights. You also have the opportunity for some well-deserved relaxation.


Pergola and terrace

New pergola !


For the pergola structure, a custom-made fabric

Although there are many kits available, they come in a limited size and will not necessarily fit into your area. It is possible to make a pergola to fit perfectly in your yard or house. You can follow the angles and curves of the terrace with it, something that a kit wouldn’t allow you to do. Then you can purchase one Custom-made.This will work with any pergola structure, regardless of whether it’s rectangular, triangular or rectangular. The fixings for aluminum, metal and wood structures are all different. You can adapt the custom-made tarp to fit your needs. You can adjust some fabrics to suit your specific needs. To let in sunlight in winter and to catch the final rays of the night, fold it. You can decide which type of cover you want, whether it’s partial or complete.

How do you choose from the many types of pergola covers that can be custom made?

You have many options for cover material: rigid or flexible, transparent, folded, translucent, etc. You can make it very complex with different thicknesses, weights and porosities. A fireproof or waterproof treatment is a good option. It is important to consider it in areas that are subject to severe weather. You should consider using waterproof fabrics in areas that are subject to rain. Also, make sure you have a slope and gutter system so water can drain properly. Choose a micro-perforated material in the south of France. If air doesn’t circulate it will cause the fabric to heat up with the sun. Choose a cover you can fold down, or it will tear off in the event of gusts of wind.

Choosing a custom made pergola cover

Add a little design to your pergola. A light or contemporary structure can be chosen. You can give your canvas a unique look by making it striped, colored or opaque. You can make it waterproof for protection from the elements, or you can use it to enhance your aesthetics. Grey or cream colors are elegant, while orange and red give off a dynamic and modern touch. Blue and white stripes instantly transport you to a maritime atmosphere. You can incorporate Side curtains custom made You can make a room larger. They are elegantly designed and can be zip up to act as doors or protection from a cold wind. Pergola fabric can be used in so many ways that outdoor spaces should have it: aesthetic, waterproof and breathable, it adapts to you and provides unparalleled comfort. You can add an artistic touch to any outdoor area by using different materials or colors. You are free to choose what you want with all the options available.