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The daisy, a garden staple and a classic is A flower that is as simple as it looks to grow can be as stunning as its beauty. This plant is low-maintenance and cold resistant. This plant is native to Asia and Europe. It can be found in clumps in almost every corner of the world, undergrowth, or in the verges. This gardening guide will help you grow daisy flowers.

Which are some of the different daisy flower varieties?

From its Latin name, “Leucanthemum”.

There are more than 25 varieties Some varieties are only suitable for certain seasons while some can be grown year-round. This beautiful flower has been a source of many classics, as well as semi-double, double and hybrid varieties over the years. These varieties can be distinguished by the size of their flowers and their color. Below is a selection of some of the most popular daisy flower varieties.


Daisy flowers in a field

Daisy flowers



The little princess in silver

This daisy flower is very discrete and in full bloom does not exceed 30 cm in height . This plant, which has white flowers, blooms abundantly in summer and takes the shape of a dwarf.

Broadway Lights

This large and hardy summer daisy is 40-50 cm tall and can be found in three colors: black, butter yellow, and white. This variety of daisy’s flowers fades to creamy colors before they start to fade.

Queen of May

The prairie daisy is one of the most popular flowers. The May Queen only blooms once per year. It blooms in May, around the middle. The distinctive features of this plant include its dense, thick clumps of leaves, dark green stems and yellow flowers.


What is the best way to plant daisy flowers?

To grow daisies, you don’t have to be an expert in gardening. You can plant it in almost any soil type, including the most clayey or poorest. This plant does not require a pH level. It is also possible to It is very easy to plant daisies in a pot . The best time to plant daisies is between September and December and spring between March and June. Indeed, they are beautiful spring flowers and will start to bloom around march.

These are the best tips to plant this type of flower:

  • Dig a tiny planting hole in the soil or in a container. You will then place the sand, compost and other materials.
  • To allow your flower to grow properly, space the holes between 40 and 50 cm.
  • Regularly moisten your soil, but not too much.

We recommend that you have beautiful flowers all year. In autumn, remove faded flowers whenever possible . You can multiply daisy flowers by simply dividing the clump after the spring flowering. Ferramol Granules can be spread around the plantation to repel pests like slugs and snails.