What is the best place to rent a jet ski on French Riviera?

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French tourists and French people have always enjoyed the French Riviera as a summer getaway destination. It is a stunning playground with spectacular views of the Mediterranean. One of the most popular nautical activities is jet ski rental. Give it a shot.

What age do you need to be in order to learn to jetski?

Jet ski is technically possible for anyone to learn. Indeed, barely anyone can learn how to hold the jet ski. About 8 years of age, children can take part in the adventure as passenger. To participate in an instructor-supervised initiation. However, you have to be 16 years or older to be alone on it. Jet-ski is possible without license, as long as the pilot and the instructor are present during the learning phase. You can have your instructor sat beside you, or you can sail along with them on another machine.


Jet ski on the water

Rent a jet ski to enjoy beautiful sunsets



Which criteria must be respected to drive the machine in Cannes?

The French regulations in Cannes and elsewhere are the same. It is important to know them. You need to be minimum 16 years of age,  you can’t ride in motorized boats without a boating license. Jet ski trips can be accompanied by an instructor. A one-seater rental jet ski is available. The tours can be limited to two nautical miles away from the marina, which is approximately 3.7km. A life jacket A buoy, or any other personal flotation device, is mandatory. A lamp, or another lighted method of identification must be carried with you. It should have at least 6 hours of autonomy. A tow device, water pump and a device that allows you to determine the hours of tides or coefficients are all essential equipment to safely navigate. These criteria may differ from the ones required. A boat . You can reach 2 points and have 6 nautical mile range, which is approximately 11km from shelters or marinas. It is important to note that jet-ski trips are only permitted during daylight hours.


What jet-ski do I need to use to skip a licensing exam?

You can choose from a variety of jet-skis to experience great thrills and adrenaline. When choosing your jet-ski, consider the number of seats. It is recommended that beginners choose a 3-seater jet ski This is more stable and easier than a 2-seater. A 1-seater scooter is best for you if you’re a solo rider. A machine with either a 2- or 4-stroke engine can be rented. You will experience great sensations with either of these engines. However, if adrenaline is your priority, a 4-stroke engine can be rented. You can rely on our qualified instructors to help you choose the right machine for you. To avoid making a mistake, ask them for guidance.


What is the fastest speed I can go in a jetski?

The 300-meter coastline strip only allows for limited sailing. Five knots You should ride at a speed of 10 km/h, and only use the designated passages. You can speed up beyond the 300-meter mark and propel your boat at 70 to 80 km/h. Your instructor will ensure a safe trip and you have a buoy to protect you in the event of an accident. Jet-skiing will be a memorable way to explore the bay Mandelieu. To enjoy the French Riviera’s many pleasures, you may also choose to use the slider buoys and sofa. You can be sure of safety !

Other than jet ski, there are many great tactivities for tourist to do in the Alpes Maritimes, on the French Riviera !