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We all look forward to vacations. Find a great tourist rental and enjoy a relaxing vacation. You can travel while you relax, rent a tourist apartment, cook whatever you like, and you get to enjoy a pleasant vacation. Staying is cheaper than renting in a hotel. Where can I find tourist rentals ? What are the best ways to find it ? Lets’s see !

What exactly is a rental for tourists?

Also known as a tourist rental, it is a furnished holiday accommodation,  a temporary accommodation that is made available for tourists. The law says that the duration must not exceed 3 months . You can choose to have the accommodation in a loft or a bedroom in a private house, or in a home in the country, the mountains, or in an apartment in a village. All furnishings are provided, all you have to do is move in within the time period stated on the contract. Tourist rentals are usually available in the winter season, during All Saints Day, Easter, and summer vacations.


Aopen suitcase on a bed in a toursit rental

Just arrived in our tourist rental !



Where can I find a rental for tourists?

You can easily find such accommodations on the Internet, and there are plenty of ads that advertise them. Nevertheless, Beware of Scams, every year, hundreds of tourists fall for the scams offered by ads on the Internet.Rent a holiday home online You can also rent a holiday accommodation through an agent, or by referring friends who are already renting one. First, you need to find your destination. Then, choose from:

  • Booking directly with the owner
  • Booking in a Village or Vacation Club;
  • Booking on the top-rated platforms online.

Many websites, such as airbnb, offer the ability to book rentals directly with owners. On Abritel or Pierre et Vacances are villages and resorts,where you can rent lofts, apartements and houses.

For more tranquility, it is also possible to rent a tourist rental. These are popular places for vacationers to visit with their families or friends. We recommend renting a holiday home or apartment in quiet areas. Clubs and holiday villages must have access to a pool, breakfast, or a waterpark. However, this is not an option for everyone. You are likely to have heard about TripAdvisor and Booking. They are just a few of the well-known sites. For travelling, it is possible to book both in hotels and in local houses. You won’t get scammed by these safe websites. Look at reviews from other travelers.

What are the best ways to rent a vacation rental?

We can also mention the following criteria when choosing a rental for a tourist.

  • The type of accommodation you are looking for
  • The opinions and comments made by the travellers;
  • The number of beds
  • The activities and recreational activities available in the vicinity of your vacation rental
  • The shops are located nearby
  • The size of your accommodation
  • The Wifi and comfort
  • The rental agreement

You should also take precautions. Check the Internet for the name and address of the renter . Another option is to ask a friend or acquaintance to let you rent the same property. It is scam if the renter agrees to let you use their property. A rental agreement is mandatory It doesn’t matter if it’s for a vacation resort, homestay, or something else. Pay attention to the terms of the contract This includes what’s written in very small print. These are the areas where problems can be hidden. For example, the withdrawal refund.

Before looking for a tourist rental, you must apply for a tourist visa if you are planning to go in a country where it is mandatory.