What sea-based activities to do on the French Riviera ?

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The « Côte d’Azur » has a whole range of sea-based water sports to offer fans of surfing type activities and high-adrenaline excitement. Certain towns, such as La Ciotat, even have official 4-star seaside resort rating for the high quality of the facilities they have to offer. So when it comes to choosing which water sports club or association to practice your favourite activity with, you’ll be spoilt for choice. State certified instructors will help you perfect your technique or introduce you to a new high-adrenaline sport.


If you’ve always had a desire to fly above the water, you simply have to give parasailing a try. With sky above and sea below, it’s the ideal activity for summer days out.
Set out in a boat and enjoy the sensation of being towed along as you soar up to around 300 feet in the air. You’ll be safely attached to a harness and provided with a life jacket. Once the flight is over, simply descend gently back down to the surface and return to the beach. This parachuting sub-discipline gives you the chance to really savour and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean coastline. Whether you do it alone or with someone else, this sport will give you 10 exciting minutes of adrenaline-fuelled sensations. Book your parasailing session on the Nikaia Watersport website today!


You can do parasailing by group of 2, 3 or 4 !


Test your balance with a session of waterskiing on the Mediterranean! It’s a unique sensation, as you literally glide along on the water with skis on your feet! It’s also one of the water sports that combines the intense sensation of gliding with that of high speed together in a single activity.

You might imagine it’s a difficult sport to get started with, yet it’s actually accessible to a very wide range of people. Some of the youngest practitioners are just five years old. Whether you’re a basic beginner or a seasoned skier, the instructor will adjust their approach to match your level. To water ski is to enjoy unforgettable moments on the water ! Once you have a few sessions under your belt, you can then try your hand at the four professional disciplines the sport involves: slalom, trick, jump and 3-event waterskiing.

Waterskiing is carried out behind a boat equipped with a motor producing around 40 HP. Competition boats are around 13 to 20 feet in length. These are powered by 300 HP engines equipped with “zero off” systems. This enables them to maintain a precise and consistent speed despite the strong traction of the skier. The French Riviera has numerous watersports clubs offering waterskiing courses that provide everything you need to get started.


First developed in Hawaii, stand up paddleboarding arrived in France around 10 years ago in the shape of a now famous race on the River Seine. As a physical activity, it provides a comprehensive all-round workout that will develop your core strength and balance.
The sport involves propelling yourself along with a paddle whilst standing upright on a large board, which can accommodate up to a maximum of four or five people at a time. You’ll find both rigid and inflatable paddleboards available on the market. The longer and wider the board, the more stability it will offer.
When first starting, it’s a good idea to begin with a session on a calm, gentle body of water and enjoy the surrounding scenery as you paddle along. If you’re planning to have a go on flowing water by travelling down a river, opt for an inflatable board as these are more resistant to impacts.
More experienced riders can try surfing by catching waves off the shore and using the paddle to ride along on top of them. Paddleboarding can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Younger children will love the new gliding sensations it provides. Older adults have the option of going for leisurely sea trips along the shore.


Climb aboard a towed rubber tube or other inflatable and enjoy cool, refreshing and highly enjoyable shared moments together with family or friends. All you need to bring is swimwear and a towel. You’ll be provided with a life jacket before you set off.
With banana, sofa and flyfish type inflatables all available, you’ll have several different options to choose from. You’ll also be able to choose either a seated or lying down position, depending on what you prefer. Tubing is an activity governed by a national certification system in France and requires the rental of an outboard motorboat. A tubing trip along the Mediterranean coast is an experience not to be missed!
It constitutes 10 minutes of guaranteed thrills and excitement! There are also specialised companies offering various other types of sea-based water activities. Special instructors will take you out on the sea from one of the « Côte d’Azur »’s ports or harbours.


Using the power of two jet nozzles located under your feet, fly tens of feet in the air and perform incredible tricks over the water. A Flyboard is a hydroflighting device invented by Frenchman Franky Zapata. The aquatic jetpack used is attached to a jet ski, which supplies it with pressurised water. The instructor is there to control the power of the jet from the jet ski. Once you’ve reached the site via Zodiac inflatable, you’ll be equipped with a pair of boots similar to the kind used with snowboards. Make sure you carefully follow the advice and instructions given as you can easily lose control of the device due to the power of the water jets.
Out on the open sea, the Flyboard is capable of propelling you to heights of around 30 feet in the air. An activity reserved largely for those of a more sporting bent, beginners initially start by rising to heights of around nine to twelve feet. If you’re looking for a sense of freedom and have always dreamed about being able to fly, Flyboarding is for you.
Bear in mind that once at the site, you can choose either the Flyboard, which lets you walk on the water and fly in the air, or the Hoverboard, if you want to try skateboarding above the surface of the water.

If you’re looking for a wildly exhilarating activity and aren’t scared of getting soaked, there’s a whole range of sea-based water sports to experience, from the classic types through to the craziest and most unconventional. They could be just the thing to make your stay on the French Riviera even more exciting. The various companies specialising in aquatic leisure activities offer a variety of bundles and packages, some of which can be combined on the same day. Furthermore, these kinds of activities are also an excellent way to celebrate a special event such as a birthday, or a stag or hen party.