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Guardrails are integrated into specific structures for safety reasons. Ti implement a guarrails, one need to know all the regulations and also the methods of installation. Here are some differences between French and English installation to help you get started with your project.

What’s the point of a guardrail anyway?

It is vital to avoid falls and the consequences. Guardrails are an integral part of staircases, mezzanines and balconies. You can also find it in staircase ramps. It ensures safety around swimming pools or terraces. Guardrails must be installed to ensure safety. This applies to a maximum fall height of one meter, but it also applies to surfaces with slopes greater than 45 degrees. This safety element is as important in houses and public places to prevent accidental falls.



Guardrails to improve safety


Which type of balustrade should I install?

Safety must always be taken into consideration first. For this reason, refer to the Safety standards for NF, NFP01-012 specifies the dimensions. NFP01-013, NF 90-306 and NFP90-306 respectively define the requirements for conformity testing and characteristics of guardrails that are designed to be used in swimming pools. It is important to consider the design of your guardrail. Ask about existing materials such as aluminum, steel, wood and wrought iron . You can also opt for glass infill to add security or design flair, as well as different models that have horizontal or vertical rails. To find the most appropriate style for your project, always consider the architecture.


How do you install guardrails?

Two methods can be used to accomplish this. There are a French and an English methods to install guardrails.  You will need to consider the limitations of the area you are trying to secure.

Guardrails can be installed in English Style

The guardrail can be used for exterior or interior purposes, and is not directly fixed to the ground. Instead, it’s applied. The guardrail’s installation on the slab, or stringboard reduces space significantly. It is recommended that you secure narrow stairs or small balconies. To allow this installation, certain requirements need to be fulfilled. The support should be strong enough that it can support the plates for long periods of time. Also, it is important to assess the feasibility of installing the English version, taking into consideration the surrounding environment. Because balustrades and ramps are required to be installed in accordance with very specific rules, accessibility is a key consideration. A qualified installer must conduct a personal study of the project. Guardrail installation in English Style

French-style railings can be installed

This installation method is the most popular and provides the best results. Safety guarantees . Installers use flat plates, which are inserted directly into the ground. It is important to ensure that the plates used as bases for guardrails are strong. After drilling the ground, specific screws will be used to attach it. It is quicker than an English-style installation. However, this method can cause a reduction in the sense of space in small areas. You should carefully consider the size of plates as well as the placement. Design of the railing You should also consider the layout of your space. Again, it is important to have the expertise of professionals.


How much does a home railing system cost?

No matter what method you choose to install a guardrail on your property, it’s imperative that you call a professional. Without knowing all the details, it is difficult to determine the cost of an intervention. It is important to get an estimate. After a site visit, the estimate is made. The estimate will also take into consideration the railing type you intend to install. For example, a stainless steel model will be less expensive than an aluminum one. Aluminum or glass railing . You should also consider the safety precautions you must take before going. A scaffolding or aerial platform can be used to gain access to the interior/exterior space that needs to be protected. This will impact the budget. The location of the guardrail relative to the structure is what distinguishes an English installation from a French one. The first installation is surface mounted, while the second uses the ground to anchor the safety device. The experts will assist you in choosing the right option for your particular project.

To go with your guardrails, you could install an aluminium flooring, it will add a good touch to your home style.